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Lena and you can Gretchen, an old boyfriend-companion out-of Lena’s, was waiting for Stef for dinner at the a cafe or restaurant

Lena and you can Gretchen, an old boyfriend-companion out-of Lena’s, was waiting for Stef for dinner at the a cafe or restaurant

It makeup and start a romance

Pursuing the eating, Stef and you may Lena rebuked Mariana if you are intoxicated, lying and you can destroying Goodness dating if you are she laid between the sheets. Stef and you may Lena advised Callie to name her or him the very next time.

The brand new Riveras found school to help you technically pull Lexi out-of school. Karina and you can Lena got a dialogue about this, and you may Lena is worried she will be shown in front of the college panel and you can eradicate their employment.

Lena and you may Stef were fighting about home regarding the Lexi question and exactly how Stef put Lena in a bad disease. Jude disturbed and you will asked in the event that Connor could started over to own a great venture. Lena and you may Stef avoided arguing towards big date. Later one nights within their bed room Stef advised Lena it ought not to get to sleep crazy from the each other. Lena don’t react. The next morning the new Riveras arrived interested in Lexi. They explained you to Lexi manufactured a case and leftover household in the evening. Stef and you may Lena seated off into the Riveras in the house. It designed a plan to try to select Lexi.

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After the Riveras leftover, Stef and you can Lena comprised into couch, whenever Callie came home with Brandon. Callie seated down which have Brandon and first started explaining just what happen to this lady which have Liam at the girl prior foster home.

Stef and Gretchen struck it well too, however it annoys Lena. Stef invites Gretchen more than for dinner the next nights and that contributes way more aggravation for Lena Nanaimo hookup sites whom during the revenge has actually Stef buy this lady vehicle parking. During the house Gretchen is recalling big date having Lena in order to Mariana. Mariana give it time to sneak that the girl mothers were not married and you will an excellent discussion on the homosexual relationship arose therefore upset Lena. Stef began probing Lena from the as to why she failed to express their attention in-marriage to help you the woman. After that Lena scolded Gretchen who decided to get off consequently. After she remaining Stef questioned Lena as to why she did not tell their how she sensed. Mariana interrupts him or her telling throughout the Jesus. As a result, Stef rushes to get the woman weapon while Lena issues the woman measures. While you are Stef is at Ana’s, Lena issues Mariana in the life a lay. It afterwards get-off to pick up God.

Lena and age date, Lena gets a trip of Mike, in which he tells the woman on Stef. It quickly drive into the assisted health. Lena sets the girl fury along with her worries towards the Mike in the Stef bringing shot nearly blaming it to the him. Lena check outs Stef reassuring their the youngsters are safe.

Immediately following her check out, a great flashback was revealed away from how Stef and you can Lena met. Stef are enrolling Brandon into an elementary school one Lena work. Lena shown the woman a trip of university. After that, Stef are confused about their sex as it grabbed her a beneficial long time to find it out. Mike and you may Stef were splitting up and on this new verge out of a beneficial divorce. Stef shows you so you’re able to your one to she’s homosexual and you may she satisfied someone. This leads to an ultimate split up. Lena tells Stef you to she wouldn’t get involved in a wedded girl, however, Stef reassures her you to she told folks you to she’s a good lesbian.

Reports is later as the latest procedures succeeded and you may she commonly endure. Lena visits Stef inside her assisted area. Stef wakes upwards, removes this lady oxygen hide and you may requires Lena to help you marry myself. Lena happily welcomes. Stef’s matter about Mariana prompts Lena to think about this lady. The following morning, the rest of the family unit members return to a healthcare facility. Mariana, impact such as no one wants the girl as much as, is actually resting external up until Lena seated beside the woman. She shows you that the girl steps were to develop, and you may she didn’t wanted watched check outs. Lena comforts the lady claiming “DNA will not generate a household. ” Lena and you can Mariana accept.